Sweet Whislin Kennels

Daisy is a very well bred female herself with multiple FC and AFC titles on her sires’ side. Her dam side is not very impressive on the title aspect but they are all great hunting dogs.  I had never heard of a “pointing lab” until I owned Dixie Daisy’s dam.  Dixie was my first ever lab and if she wouldn’t have had to teach me as much as I taught her she would have probably had a lot more titles behind her name. She was a superb hunting dog. Dixie has produced several titled labs including my Aaron dog 4XGMPR HR SAMS CREEK HIGH PREIST OF ISRAEL SH. Daisy is a small-framed female that has all the desire in the world to please. She is a great family dog that loves attention especially from my three daughters. Here at my kennel the family dog aspect is a big part of my breeding program because my 3 girls love the dogs. Daisy loves to retrieve and is an excellent marker. She has prey drive out of this world with a beautiful point.  Her only down side is she is a little timid around other people and this has kept her from running the hunt tests.  I am hopeful to run some tests with her soon, as she is starting to come out of that. Daisy is EIC clear by parentage, Cerf clear and OFA good. Unfortunately Daisy is no longer with us.


Sweet Whislin Chocolate Daisy

                                                                                      CNFC CNAFC WALDORF’S HIGH TECH
                                                  NAFC FC AFC EBONSTAR LEAN MAC
                                                                                      EBONACEAE PRINCESS WCX
                        FC HRCH WATERMARK’S TEXAS WELCOME MH
                                                                                      CFC CAFC PACHANGA MAGNUM FORCE
                                                  FC AFC HRCH GATOR PT’S SWEET POTATO PIE
                                                                                      HRCH GATOR PT’S ROC N MOON PIE                  

                                                                                      RACHEL’S CARMEL SNICKERS
                                                  WINDY ACERS HOME BOY
                                                                                      EMY LOU
                         CPR MINDEN’S SWEET WHISLIN DIXIE
                                                                                     WINDY ACRE’S CHARLIE BROWN
                                                  PHOEBE’S BLACK PEARL II     
                                                                                     WINDY ACRE’S PRISSY MISSY