DON’T EAT THE SNOW
                                                                                                  CHOICE-COLOR ME GONE
                                GMPR WANNAMAKER’S HOT TUB SH
                                                                                                  DASHING EBONY ROOK
                                                                            WANNAMAKER’S EBONY JADE
                                                                                                  HONCHO’S SUPER JET
                                                                                                  RACHEL’S CARMEL SNICKERS
                                                                            WINDY ACERS HOME BOY
                                                                                                  EMY LOU
                                  CPR MINDEN’S SWEET WHISLIN DIXIE
                                                                                                  WINDY ACRE’S CHARLIE BROWN
                                                                            PHOEBE’S BLACK PEARL II
                                                                                                  WINDY ACRE’S PRISSY MISSY           

Sweet Whislin Kennels

This is the stud dog for you if you want the “total package” Aaron has it all Looks, Brains, Drive, and Trainability in your pups.  Aaron is now at his home in Kansas. Aaron is 70lbs of pure muscle, looks, and brains. He is CNM, prcd-PRA and EIC clear by testing OFA excellent and Cerf clear.  The only thing that out does his looks, is his ability to preform in the field. He has a nose capable of finding birds at unbelievable distances, his marking ability is second to none, and Aaron runs blinds with extreme enthusiasm. I have heard several times as we come out of the upland field “wow that was an awesome run.”  When Aaron hunts, he runs the entire field with the speed and enthusiasm that most people would think there is no way he can be hunting and that he is just playing, but he has nose enough to run that fast and know when it is time to slow down to find the bird like he knows where they are before we even enter the field.  Aaron has a beautiful staunch point as if he were a statue.  To find the bird, all you have to do is follow his head, his eyes bulging out of his head as if he could see through the grass and is looking right at the bird he smells.

Aaron is big part of our family.  I have 3 girls, ages 18, 14, and 9 who treat Aaron as if he were their big brother. He does everything with them and would protect them with everything he has.

Aaron’s pedigree speaks for itself.  On the topside is “GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub SH” which is very well known in the pointing lab world. But on the bottom side the reason I like Aaron so much is his mom, “CPR Minden’s Sweet Whislin Dixie,” she doesn’t have any highbred hunt test or field trial blood.  She came from a man who breed’s labs to hunt and that is what they do, hunt. Dixie was my first pointing lab ever and she probably suffered for that fact.   In the hunt test and training, she did just as much training on me as I did on her. If she would have had a different handler she definitely would have had more titles. She had to walk me through a few hunt tests just to get what she had. But she was good enough to do that, helping me get my feet wet and making me have the hunt test fever. Don’t let Dixie’s pedigree scare you away from Aaron. I feel this is the reason there are not very many litters out of Aaron.  Judge him on what he is and has accomplished. You won’t be disappointed with him or his pups.


​4X GMPR HR Sams Creek High Priest Of Israel SH “Aaron”